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  • VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1

    Apartments in Hinjewadi, Pune


VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1

This VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is a futuristic property which is been developed by the VTP Realty at Hinjewadi, Pune. This advanced apartment segment property houses with different configuration homes like 1, 2 and 3 BHK homes. The dimension of these elegant units starts from 450sqft for 1 BHK and 620sqft to 850sqft for 2 BHK and 900-1500sqft on 3 BHK. This new launch of VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is the most awaited project in the region by the home buyers and investors.

Hinjewadi is a beautiful place that evolved phenomenally over the years. This used to be a village just 20kms from the city. However, after the inception of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, the place has changed its shape and look. Yes, there is a huge amount of development since then. This is both a residential and industrial region with plenty of developments. The VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is designed to have high rise towers with multiple home configurations.

Project Highlights

Development Type Apartments
Project Status Prelaunch
Location Hinjewadi, Pune
Development Size Onrequest
Number of Units Onrequest
Unit Variants 1,2 & 3 BHK
Possession Onrequest

VTP Realty is a legacy group in the real estate industry with great expertise. This is a Group that delivers the best residential projects. The VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is the most superior project to be launched by VTP Realty. The launch date of this project would be updated shortly.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: 3 years from date of launch.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion

project-status Project Status

Pre Launch

location Project Location


unit-variants Unit Variants


price Starting Price


size Size Range


possession Possession


land-area Land Area


number-unit No. of Units



There is always a surging demand for Pune properties as there are many industrial and other opportunities spread in this city. The apartment units are always trending ones in the Pune real estate market.

VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1

This VTP Hinjewadi Phase1 consists of multiple home configurations which are most preferred by home buyers and investors. This property is sprawled on a large land extent with feasible sizes ranging from 450sqft to 1500sqft. The project looks stunning with rich amenities and pretty orchards around. This property has many exquisite facilities infused in it such as a flower pocket and reading corner and many more. The property is designed in a perfect location thus its easily accessible from neighbourhood IT corridors and other industries.

Why are upcoming projects better for home buyers and investors?

New things always thrill us with their interesting fresh ideas and technologies. Likewise, the fresh properties also surprise us with many good features such as

Early bird discounts

These are most common in any industry to offer some early bird discounts when they kick start a new project. Real estate religiously does this to have a great start. Thus we could avail the best pricing discounts at this initial stages.

Better Deal

These are indeed the best deals that offer us a brand new project with the best pricing, features, and brand value.

Updated technology

As mentioned earlier there are many new technologies implemented in these upcoming projects to offer us a great experience. We could relish the next-generation facilities just out here.


VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is a luxurious apartment segment with spaciously configured units such as 1,2 and 3 BHK ranging from 450sqft to 1500sqft. The property is in close proximity to the Infosys Circle, Phase 1.

VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 Apartments

Hinjewadi is the fastest-growing region in the city as this has got numerous industries on one side and potential neighbourhood areas. The rising demand for this area has increased the real estate development in this area. There are many reputed apartments in the vicinity. Due to the close proximity to the industries and IT corridor, there is a great demand for the requirement of apartment units in this Hinjewadi region.

Advantages of Investing in New Launch Projects

  • One could avail of 15-20% discounts on these brand new or upcoming properties.
  • All the possible customization is effectively possible just from the initial stages of the project
  • All the new technologies in the market would be available just for our convenience and comfort.


Pune city is been rapidly growing for its excellent industrial developments. There are many automobile and other huge industries present in this city which offers us lot of employment, educational and business opportunities.

VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 Pune

Apartments in Pune are most preferred and have been developing over the decades. People prefer this housing pattern for its loaded advantages. In this city, there is no dithering about the outskirt properties. As these are considerably same as the city properties. All the best infrastructure and connectedness facilities are available in the region.

Hinjewadi, The Next Real Estate Hub

The location is beautifully revamping its structure with the best facilities in the area. Hinjewadi is a well-developed area with the best infrastructure which offers us great reputed schools, healthcare centres, shopping malls, supermarkets and other entertainment zones.

The area has many developments present in terms of IT corridors and other industries in the vicinity. This has changed the value of this Hinjewadi considerably with high appreciation values.

New Address in Pune

This VTP Hinjewadi phase 1 is located at Hinjewadi Road, Pune. This elegant and fascinating project is going to be a remarkable landmark in this region for its outstanding features and goodness.

The nearest railway station to this region is the Pune Railway station which is 16km from Hinjewadi. There are many bus stations around the Hinjewadi region.


Pune is an industrial city which is located in the Northern part of India. This city is well developed by many advanced facilities which offer us a great infrastructure and flawless connectivity. Pune city has a pleasing climate with a serene atmosphere.

VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 Pune

The city is well developed with many leading automobile industries and other large industries which has been playing a major role in the city’s growth. Pune city is a go-to place for many professionals and business aspirants as the city are rich in many aspects. The connectedness of this region is quite appealing with many exclusive connecting roads which links us with major areas of the city. And at the other end, the city is well lavishly offering many facilities with best features.

VTP Realty Group and Pune

VTP Realty is a leading and legacy group that has been well associated with this city. The brand has executed numerous projects across the city. And thus knows the exact pulse of the city and its people. Hence this VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 is a masterpiece created strategically at this Hinjewadi location. Since this area is great in all aspects and a quite demanding residential area.


Hinjewadi is a place just 20kms from Pune city. This area has been tremendously grown over the years. This region used to be a small village around 20kms from the city. This region has been witnessing immense growth since the inception of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. There are many IT firms and other industries closely located in this region. Which has led to the improvement of this region with great Infrastructure and connecting facilities.

VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi thus has become the most favourite residential spot for many home buyers and investors. Since we get all the required facilities just in the vicinity. The area is well associated with other areas of the city to offer us a great commute experience.

Schools & Colleges:

  • Pawar Public School, Maan
  • VIBGYOR High School, Hinjanwadi
  • Rahul International School


  • Akshaya Hospital
  • NRS Hospital
  • Surya Mother and Childcare

IT Parks:

  • Infosys Phase3 Building
  • International Tech Park Pune
  • KPIT Engineering Ltd

Shopping Malls:

  • Aditya Plaza
  • Grand Highstreet
  • Xion Mall


The real estate industry of Pune is quite steady in spite of the current situation. This is due to the numerous industries and growth in this city. The city is invariably on the growing edge due to its phenomenal features.

There are many advantages involved in this buying such as

  • An Elegant property from the eminent builder. Yes!! This VTP Realty has a renowned name in the real estate industry. This brand has done many amazing projects
  • There is a wide variety of amenities in the VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 property which gives us a great lifestyle with much comfort, convenience and luxury.
  • The location is another merit where the area is well developed and has got all the required facilities.
  • The safest property with 3 tier 24*7 security services, CCTV surveillance systems
  • We all buy properties only for the best returns and future. This elegant property offers us the best resale value as there is good demand for eminent properties.


The city is well wired with good connectivity. Thus the city is well connected across all places of the city seamlessly. We could commute between areas easily. These are the most crucial ones involved in any property buying. As most of us have the necessity to commute either for work, education and other purposes.

Metro Line

The Hinjewadi Metro Line 3 is under construction and this would connect major parts of the city like Shivaji Nagar, Shivaji Chowk and many more.

There are frequent buses from Pune city to this region. All possible commuting is possible in this potential region like proposed metros, frequent buses, trains, and private and own transport. From this Hinjewadi region, we could commute to other places easily and effectively.


These are the most desired part of our life since we want our life to be the best and safe. There are many means of investment. However, property investments are the best and safest ones. We need to be making sure that we invest our hard-earned money in the best places and projects.

Just before the investment, we need to be making sure that we invest in the best-reputed builder property at a good location with many amenities to yield a good resale value. Beyond this, we need to be considering other 2 factors in investment such as


If we could wait for the property to complete or

Are we looking for ready to occupy the property


It’s best to look for properties near our workplace and

Look for prominent places which offer all the facilities.

About VTP Realty Group:

This VTP Realty is the leading property developer in Pune which has performed tremendous projects across the city. This is a legacy brand that has won a great reputation and a trustworthy name. The VTP realty has done many challenging projects which have been in large stuck over the years. The VTP Realty has done many viable and successful projects over the decades.

This brand has many other real estates businesses such as construction materials which are of high-level quality. This VTP materials, a subsidiary group of VTP Realty is the leading cement supplier in West India and holds No.1 position in Pune and No.2 in Maharastra.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many flats are coming up in this VTP Hinjewadi property?

This is an upcoming property which is designed with 1,2 and 3 BHK homes. However, the number of units is yet to be known.

2. Where is VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1 Located?

This property is located at Hinjewadi Road, Pune.

3. How much is the price of 2 BHK in VTP Hinjewadi?

VTP Hinjewadi is a Prelaunch property. Thus the pricing list details of this property are yet to be declared by the developer.

4. Which are the different types of floor Plan Available in this VTP Hinjewadi Phase 1?

There are many housing configurations in this property. However, the exact floor plan is yet to be published from the VTP Realty end.

5. Why is this the Best Apartment in Pune?

VTP Realty Group is the most successful builder in Pune.

All the projects of VTP Realty are on time

The planning, construction and designing of this project would be of high standards

Return on Investment: We could expect the best high return values from this property.

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